About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a current Cheverly council member and former small business owner with extensive experience in public policy, legislation, and community advocacy.  She earned a Master’s of Social Work in community organizing and public policy from the University of Michigan and spent several years working for Senator Carl Levin on immigration and health care issues.  After leaving the Hill, she lobbied on behalf of the state Medicaid Directors and eventually accepted a position at the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy, where she coordinated with the state legislature on a number of Medicaid-related issues.

In 2012 she returned to Maryland and founded Fluffed Up Desserts, a gourmet marshmallow company whose products were featured in several local grocery stores, which she sold in 2016 to spend more time with her twin humans.  In 2017, she ran and was elected to the Cheverly council from Ward 6.  During her time on the council, she has worked to address the town’s feral cat situation, supported accessible playgrounds and the installation of an automatic door at the community center, and pushed for greater transparency and communication between the council and Cheverly residents.  If elected mayor, she hopes to continue working hard to serve the community and make it a place where everyone can feel at home.